​​​​​Southeast Tactical Concepts, LLC

Course Registration

Credentialing Policy: Southeast Tactical Concepts, LLC has a strict credentialing policy. A digital copy of ONE of the following options should accompany your application. ​

- Current LE or Active Military ID

- Pistol License or CCW Permit

- State ID and Criminal Record History check from your state of residence dated within 6 months of course date showing no criminal activity

Course Cancellation Policy: Southeast Tactical Concepts, LLC reserves the absolute right to refuse training for any reason whatsoever to any applicant. If you cancel outside of 30 days of the course date, we will refund 100% of your tuition paid. If you cancel inside of 30 days we retain 50% of your tuition. 

Small Arms and Close Quarter Battle Tactics Instruction                                                                                        Contact  (954) 676-8833